“Speak to Me” by Jesse Pruitt


“Speak to Me” by Jesse Pruitt

Speak to me
Things are stagnant when you are far
This world is distant,

Speak to me
The sound of nothing is far too loud
Teach me how to sink in,
How to melt

Please, speak to me
Warmth of a mother’s knitted blanket,
I can hear you, feel you,
No one is listening

Speak to me
Your absence is heavy
Things are still,
Time feels like forever,
But is only now

Tell me
Who shall I be?
Where shall we go?
Please, take me

Take me somewhere far from this place
So long as I feel your warmth
Your burn
Your comfort

Yes I am sure we are fine
Now allow me to be
But please do not leave
You’ve brought my solution

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