“There is a Person Sitting” by Saher Hajidamji

Image result for sittingin a dark room

There is a person sitting in a dark room. Huddled against their own body heat, they feel
a heightened experience of their own senses. As their pupils dilate, they begin to
interpret from four vigorous senses rather than five mild ones. The heat feels more
warm, the breaths sound more loud, but somehow everything outside of the dark room
feels more and more less-tangible.
There is a person sitting in a dark room. This darkness is accompanied by a different
type of quiet一 one that seems to make time go slower. As if they have all the time in
the world to remember the past, understand the present, and imagine a future. A
method similar to coloring outside the lines in order to see the picture.
There is a person sitting in a dark room. They begin to understand. A certain amount of
time ago, one that seems like either days or seconds at the same time, they couldn’t
understand. For a moment, they were stuck inside the box, somewhere lost in a room
full of light. And now, they are free to see whatever they’d like in a dark room. They
stand up and once again, enter the light. There is a person standing in a lighted room
finding their way.

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