“A Flicker in the Frost” by Keaton Kim

Dark and cold
Life dried up
My home has always been
It’s sad and grey
But there isn’t a day
I leave this dark prison
But there’s a speck of light
It burns so bright
flowers follow wherever she goes
Like a flower I follow
She picks me I swallow
Her up from the ground below
I grasp the light
I hold it tight
For the light is all I have
But the light hates the darkness
Despite how I think it shines
brighter amidst it
I love the light
try to make things bright
But my light is going out
I love the light
But it’s just not right
So I let my light go
(But not without placing
fruit seeds so she’ll come
back to me when it snows)
In sorrow I weep
Tears fill the river Styx
And mourn the light I lost
But I’ll wait for the day
Air cold and grey when
my love will come back to the frost

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