The Pills That Rattle by Alex Raske


The Pills that Rattle

by Alex Raske


The pills that rattle, they make my rain so safe

For angels, ghosts, and demons, reason’s fake

My brain’s all prattle, my will’s so thin, a wraith

For he whispers, that dull, infernal snake


Insanity unlocked, Solomon’s Key

Dantalion knocked, Gabe opened the door

Oh God, oh please, oh why did you save me?

I’m left so scared, on far, forsaken shores


Oh sleep, that elusive, ephemeral shade

Flees me like a nymph, I a foolish Zeus

On this my peace, my demons make their raid

My exhaustion chokes me, an old worn noose


God, this darkness grows, an old, breathing lack

I feel so stretched, I’m borne upon the rack


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