“Disappearing” by Ashley Felix

palm trees sway in the distance

soft chirping sounds fill the air

I feel the grass on my fingertips

the soil beneath me

the sky above me

day turns to night

trees no longer sway 

birds no longer chirp

grass starts to wilt

the soil starts to part

my body sinks in

the soil engulfs me completely 

what happened to the sun

the bright light that used to

shine on my tan skin

the darkness consumes me

it is all I can see- all I can feel

why did this happen

am I no longer innocent

that sweet young girl

what happened to her

to the light inside her

to her dreams

her aspirations

her goals

her life…

why did you take it from her

why did you take it from me

the earth calls me now

and with these roots

these branches

this new found life

I will consume what’s left of you

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