“Redux, Infinite” by Miles Washington

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Time in a nutshell is a beautiful thing

It’s shows our character as human beings

When we first met I was young and goofy

I remember you fondly like my favorite plush snoopy.

Cherished, nurtured, distant, yet loved,

Our bond has grown like a mourning dove

Coming home to a foreign city

Familiar faces showed nothing but pity

Affiliations ends, Anxiety ascends

You were there when I needed a friend

After crashing hard on the toughest of times

You believed in my future even with a crushed spine

Insulated with no room to grow

Desecrated with nowhere to go

Time lost to the weight of my pain

Alone in darkness shrouded my shame

Abandoned by my day one’s, I guess that’s life

The pain of it all like the edge of a knife

Trapped in limbo, trials and tribulations

Your correspondence pulled me out of damnation

Paralyzed thinking what could have been

Contemplating my past’s potential

These thoughts were once deemed confidential

The unshakable notion this is punishment for a sin

You may not know but this you should

My mentality is free of these unhealthy obsessions

And from my battles with depression

I’ve fought my way back to manhood

This new reality was significantly rough,

Adjusting to my body was difficult as fuck

Replies to “how are you” we’re always a bluff

This great hurt, no substance was enough

Sentimentally explosive, sorting through debris

Your post-stroke letters challenged the inner me

Trapped in my mind I never would have foreseen

Paying it forward towards my degree

Emotionally exposed like an opened vault

I can feel it coming on, vulnerable by default

This sensation’s too strong, unable to halt

My eyes are the sea, full of water and salt

Invisible passion like tears in the rain

The affection you draw is special, not plain

Streaming down my cheeks, flowing affinity

The love from family is your til’ infinity

Time in a nutshell is a beautiful thing

Your soul blossoms like flowers in spring

Constructing this letter with tears in my eyes

Running from my eyes like I’m running from demise

Time is endless, an Infinite redux

As you Pin-pal, I vow, I shall never leave you

Flowing through your body every inch of pain

The strength you showed me will not go in vain

Choking back love is never easy

My only wish is for your eyes to see me

So picture me rollin’ with the power of the sun

The source of your vitality is where the battle was won

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