“Full Bloom” by Ivan Enriquez

Image result for cherry blossom

Haru prepares as he begins to put on his samurai armor. He puts on his helmet. He grabs his
katana. He goes outside and gets on his horse and rides for the high mountains in the distance.
The wind was strong, a cool breeze sways through Haru’s face
As he approaches the mountains he begins breathing heavily. As he reaches the top of the
mountain, he dismounts from his horse and begins walking towards the halls of fully bloomed
cherry blossom trees. He walks slowly down the halls of trees until eventually he finds his
brother Kenji sitting down under a tree.
He slowly approaches him and once he reaches him, Kenji looks up at Haru. Kenji’s armor is
stained with blood. “You took your time”, Kenji tells Haru.
“The mountain’s pathway is tight and dangerous. It would’ve been a shame if I died on the way
here.” Haru responds.
“You always were cautious”.
There’s a long pause of silence. The only thing they could hear is the wind blowing. After a
while, Haru says “I will admit, you have good taste in scenery.”
“Haromi and Yui loved to come here. Especially during this time of year. You know, as I lay
here, I feel like their voice and spirit roams this place. As if they’re still here. Waiting for me.
That’s why I came here. As my resting place.”
“You know they won’t take you in as a prisoner.” says Haru. “Just about the whole island is
looking for you.”
Kenji responds “That’s why I chose you as my executioner. I can’t think of a better person than
the one I grew up with.”
“And what makes you think I won’t actually kill you?” asks haru
Kenji stands up and grabs his katana leaning by the tree.
“I doubt you will, but nevertheless, you will kill me or else I’ll have somebody else to do it. All I
want is to see them again.”
“Yui and Haromi were innocent though. They never committed any crimes. You however,
you’ve committed multiple dishonorable crimes. Those that violate the code of the samurai.”
“I stopped following codes and orders when they were taken away from me.” responds Kenji.
“By dying here, I am sure that I will be able to see them again in the next life.”
“And what if you defeat me? What will you do? Kill me?” asks Haru.
“Haru, you were always there for me when no else would. I’d never want to kill my own brother.
Don’t worry, I’ll let you win, I always have

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