“The Adventure of the Ballet Slippers” by La Joy Mc Curtis

Image result for  ballet slippers on couch

Today is the first day we get to travel with Darcy to her first solo dance recital. She is so excited, and we are excited
too. She has been practicing day and night for her big day. We are so proud that we get to experience this moment
with her. Darcy and her parents are running around the house trying to make sure that things go according to plan.
We are sitting and waiting patiently for someone to grab us so that we can attend the dance recital with her.
We heard the front door slammed, keys jangle and the front door lock turned quickly. Oh no, how could they forget
us? Darcy will not be able to perform unless we are there with her. We are her support, and she needs us. She will be
so upset that we are not by her side. Someone has to realize that we are not with Darcy.
I grabbed and held my twin sister, who was sitting next to me on the living room sofa, with my satin arms. “What shall
we do?” My sister yelled out. My dear sister started crying, and I said: “please do not cry, sister.” You will get us both
wet, and we will be stained and ruined. It will be ok, and I will never leave you. There was nothing we could do but sit
here and wait.
The living room started to get dark and creepy. Streetlights beamed through the sheer living room drapes. We saw
huge and scary shadows outside passing by the front living room window. We heard all types of sounds throughout
the house. “Ring, ring,” went the sound of some strange device that was sitting on the side table next to us. We heard
someone talking on the strange device but there was no one there. A cool wind flew above us like someone blew out a
candle. We shook with fear because we thought the end was near. The cool air that blew above us filled the living
room and we started to calm down. We could not escape so I suggested that we close our eyes and meditate. Then we
heard the sound of keys jingling at the front door again. My sister and I started to shake. The front door opened
quickly. The warm air from outside blew the living room curtains above us and we almost fainted. The dark and
creepy living room became bright and busy.
They are back and everyone was looking for us. Darcy’s eyes were filled with tears of joy when she saw us jumping up
and down on the living room sofa. She grabbed and gave us a great big warm hug. We gently wrapped our soft satin
arms around her. We knew she could not forget us. We are special like her. Darcy’s dad had us specially made to fit
her precious little feet. She looked down at us and said thank you for the great support after she finished her
performance. Darcy laughed while the audience cheered her because we tickled her little toes to show our
appreciation. Darcy’s mom placed us on the top of our satin pink box inside Darcy’s room so that we could air out
when we arrived home. We love Darcy but her sour and moist toes we can do without.
Until the next solo dance recital.

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