“Religious” by Karla Arana

Image result for catholic girls school classsroom

1. Ind/oct/rin/at/ed, tues/days thurs/days sat/ur/days
2. sun/days. Sit like a girl. STOP. sit like a la/dy.
3. keep/ your/ hair/ long/.Don’t/ you/ DARE/ show/ your/ shoul/ders, STOP
4. Is/ that /Lip/stick? What/ are/ you/ a/ whore? mod/es/ty.
5. stop/ re/bell/ing girl!/ the/ only/ pla/ce/ for/ you/? Hell./
6. Do/ what/ we/ tell/ you/ to/ do/, and/ sal/va/tion/ WILL/
7. be/ yours/. At/ a/ small/ price/ of/ course/. God/ does/ not/ ask/
8. for/ per/fec/tion, but/ we/ need/ your/ de/vo/tion/ be/
9. good/ girl./ keep/ your/ head/ down/ dont/ you/ think!/ just li/sten.
10. she/ is/ lead/ by/ fear/ but/ keeps/ on/ think/ing./ beat/ her!
11. what/ does/ the/ bi/ ble/ say/? “Don’t/ spare/ the/ rod/ You/ will\
12. risk/ spoil/ing/ that/ child/”. dont/ worry/ we’ll/ help/

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