“Smoke” by Rachel Aurino

Image result for cigarette burning

Foreign smoke slithers down my throat

Filling my lungs with regret, inhale

Tainting my thoughts with shit, exhale.

Beating too fast, too hard, too hot

With each pound in my heart there’s a tear in my thoughts.

Focus on your breathing, please no cheating,

Foreign thoughts don’t stop competing.



Reality fades away

Waking up the hairs that crawl down my spine,

Setting a trap in my own mind,

Waiting to get caught.

Breath through the pain

Just keep counting, I need to stay sane

Whoever thought of box breathing has never met my brain.

1, 2, 3, 4…


Inhale, just once more.

Catching my breath, now harder than before.

But baby who’s really to blame, you signed up for this war.

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