“The Butterfly” by Nicholas Ethan Alonso

Image result for butterfly clip art black and white free

Hot tea….

All things that kept me amused, slowly seemed to fade away with the pluck of a guitar

I just look out of my window.
See the blinds to my right sway with nature’s undying breath.

Taunting me…
That undying breath calling me.
Appealing to my weakened self.
I move my hand to caress the barrier.
I catch a glimpse of myself through the window.
My face resets

I sink slowly back to my chair.
I see the blue butterflies pass left to right.
I keep staring with bloody eyes.
They’re all too pretty.
It burns but I can’t look away.
Then my neighbor comes out to throw trash outside and they disappear.

All gone so fast that it didn’t register.
Ah forget it.

I smoke another cigarette and wait.

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