“VIVA LA RAZA” by Naomi Iglesias

Image result for L.A. La Placita

Ran away and we can now be free
Free of bullets, deaths, and stealings,
Free of all the pain and suffering
Finally able to live the dream but
We’re surrounded by thousands of screams

Who’s going to tell them we were here first
Who’s going to tell them our roles were reversed
Children taken from their homes kicking and screaming
Forced to say goodbye wishing they were dreaming
In cages cold as they lie on the cement floor
Their faces stained with streaks of tears

Women raped and beaten
Their hope is weakened
Day by day going insane
Treated in ways that are inhumane
Guards stand still with no expression
I wonder aren’t they tired of oppression

We try to fight but always fall short
My people getting killed while on their hustle
All this anger for lack of a green card
We work hard but some die trying
Our names line the streets of L.A
We want to be equals but we might never see that day

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