“In My Living Room” by Catherine Lima


world on fire

“In My Living Room” by Catherine Lima

In my living room…

I look at a screen and watch the world burn.
My vision, it blurs behind liquid form.

Behind these four walls, I remain inside.
My mind, it implodes from the fear I hide.

I pace back and forth just to feel alive.
I look through the window that is my life.

She then calls to me. My mother, she speaks.
My mind now at ease, as I take a seat.

The buzzing I hear begins to dissolve.
The worry I wore, it starts to resolve.

“Not for a While” by Zoe Philadelphia Kossak



Taxi in the Village

“Not for a While” by Zoe Philadelphia-Kossak

Fruit flies float in the open pickle jar
teewurst unevenly on vollkornbrot
pink plastic bowls hold cigarettes and Mett

smoke tints sunbeams charcoal and eyes red
“Your dad used to sit in that chair.” Opa said

weeks worth newspapers on the broken stove
grey portraits crooked on dirty yellow walls
blend of 60s songs and clocks ticking echo

Tear stains and ash rested on my plane ticket
A taxi honked. “When will you come again?”

“Speak to Me” by Jesse Pruitt


“Speak to Me” by Jesse Pruitt

Speak to me
Things are stagnant when you are far
This world is distant,

Speak to me
The sound of nothing is far too loud
Teach me how to sink in,
How to melt

Please, speak to me
Warmth of a mother’s knitted blanket,
I can hear you, feel you,
No one is listening

Speak to me
Your absence is heavy
Things are still,
Time feels like forever,
But is only now

Tell me
Who shall I be?
Where shall we go?
Please, take me

Take me somewhere far from this place
So long as I feel your warmth
Your burn
Your comfort

Yes I am sure we are fine
Now allow me to be
But please do not leave
You’ve brought my solution